I travel a lot, thought right now I am settled in Lanzarote, where I am regularly organizing different events related to sound and movement. Below you can find information and links to the different workshops I’ve been running in these last years and in the future, in case you are around and want to experiment. My email is made@sonicbaths.com.




  • Czec Republic:
    • September – Several Sonic Baths sessions in Prague.


  • November 2013: back to Spain.
  • From 15th to 24th april I’ll stay in Kathmandu. Then I’ll head to North India for some months.
  • From 23rd March to 10th April I’m running Sonic Baths daily in Apneista, Amed, Bali.


  • From 18th Dec onwards I’ll be offering free sonic baths in Tasmanian Rainbow Gathering.
  • Until 15th Dec Apneista, in Amed, Bali, is offering us a space to run daily sonic baths sessions, from 8,15 pm, after Yoga class.