Right now I am in Lanzarote, using didgeridoos made from agave flowers collected in the island. The next video is an improvisation with Carlotta, an amazing singer living in Lanzarote, recorded in a beautiful spot near La Santa village. In this improvisation I am using a didgeridoo in A from a flower collected near Tao, another village in the center of the island.

Playing didgeridoo for children is one of the things I like best. Their response is fascinating, so I feel grateful and always quite interested in playing for them. I grab sometimes the digeridoo for my friends’ and family baby children, when they start crying and nothing seems to make them stop.

In the following video you can see the effect the didgeridoo sound had on a baby 2 months old. Her mother, as you will see, was very pleased with the outcome.

The following songs were filmed in different parts of the world, playing different kinds of didgeridoo. First one took part in Bangkok, playing in the market with Chanon, a very good friend from there. One of the things I like about playing didgeridoo around the world is that it attracts the attention of every one, not only tourists, but also locals. The yidaki I am playing is in Eb and was built from an agave flower collected in southern Spain.

In this one I am in a horse farm in Slovenja. It’s a beat-box improvisation in German language with an eucaliptus yidaki from Menorca, also in Spain, tuned in F. Didgeridoo is very handy to play with different kinds of instruments, including voice.

Last, a video from where I was in Bhagsu, near Dharamsala, in the Indian Himalayan mountains, together with some indian musicians. I’m playing a pvc Yidaki Super Slider reinforced with carbon fiber. It’s a very light didgeridoo, what makes it very good for travelling, and the fact you can change its length and therefore its key makes it very handy to play with other musicians.