Besides using sounds, in an individual session we also add the imposition of hands as a primary tool to relieve stress and relax the body. We will continue to make use of the didgeridoo and Tibetan bowl in the initial phase, concluding each phase with an imposition of hands on the body parts that need more care. This process is performed first with the attendee lying prone, to facilitate access to the back chackras, and then facing up.

The imposition of hands is performed by direct contact. The benefits of this technique can be attributed to dfferent causes, depending on the school consulted. Energy healing schools talk about energy flow processes, in which the healer simply locates energy blockages and channel these flows. Scientific schools highlights the importance of relaxing the faccia, a tissue that covers our muscle and remains stuck to it because of our daily activity. Physical contact with a suitable temperature and pressure induces relaxation of this and hence associated muscle relaxation.

The duration of an individual session is usually one hour.